To join Full Time RV Living there are just a few rules:

Do you need an Invite to Clubhouse? This is the post to coordinate getting an invite and getting onto the platform.
The clubhouse app is only available to users on the IOS platform (apple devices). *Please do not ask for an invite if you are unable to access the platform at this time. After requesting to be a Member of our Group, We can send you an invite. Once you are have gained access to the clubhouse app, come back to our This Nomadic Idea Clubhouse Group, so that we can effectively get others onto clubhouse without the chaos. Upon gaining access to Clubhouse, you will be given 2 invites. Please pay it forward by giving one of the two invites you receive here to this thread to get others into the community.
How it Works:

  1. Agree that you will be an active participant in the This Nomadic Idea FB Group and that you will give an invite to a community member here in the group. The only way to get an invite by the way.
  2. Download the Clubhouse app and secure your user name.
  3. Type “Agree, need Invite @yourusername”. Example: Agree, need invite @scottjanz
  4. A group member or Scott can will ask for your phone number to put into their phone. They will then be able to send you an invite that you will receive via text to join and gain access to the platform.
  5. Search for the “Full Time RV Living” group on the Clubhouse and follow the club, you will be added as a member. Scroll to the member’s list and follow the admin @scottjanz along with any other members of the community you find interesting and who are in the Club
  6. Come back to this thread to remove your post and to help the next person needing an invite.
    ** Please do not pay for an invite. If anyone tries to sell you an invite to the club from our group, please report them to an admin and they will be removed from both communities.
    Welcome to Clubhouse! 🎉
  7. To have a chance to become a Moderator of your OWN ROOM in the Full Time RV Living Club follow @thisnomadicidea on Instagram and DM me on that account.